Defensible Collections

Our approach ensures indisputable court admissible evidence

Forensic Data Collection

For over twenty years, we’ve deployed proven technologies and developed a systematic and defensible approach to collecting, preserving, and analyzing data. We provide a full range of forensic collection services onsite or remote to handle the demands of the case at hand.

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Evidence concealment attempts in 2,690 reported cases, ACFE 2018

Did not attempt to conceal
Altered existing evidence
Deleted or destroyed evidence

Responsive collection support across North America

Our Approach

Our goal is to remove the burden from our clients by leveraging industry-leading techniques and technology to minimize the electronic data that is collected and deliver cost-effective, focused results. We understand the needs of our clients and deliver an intangible advantage that goes hand in hand with our expert digital forensic services. We deploy a multi-tiered approach to collecting data sources in an efficient, cost effective manor.

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Collection Capabilities

  • Biometrically Secure 24/7 Guarded Forensic Lab
  • Certified Forensic Examiners, Expert Witness availability
  • Proper Chain of Custody
  • Complete and thorough documentation of collection and procedures


  • Social Media, Messaging Platforms, Apps
  • Webmail, O365, Exchange
  • Enterprise
  • Cloud
  • Remote Capabilities
  • Nationwide and International Collection Support
  • Legacy Systems
  • Collection of State-of-the-art Data Sources