Managing the Landscape of Your Company’s Information 

As a leader in eDiscovery consulting and litigation preparedness, Digital Discovery will help your company evaluate and deploy enterprise-wide technology solutions to effectively manage the totality of your data in response to future litigation and policy concerns. Our consultants are able to work with Corporate Counsel and IT staffs to come up with powerful solutions that balance both legal requirements and pracitical business needs such as compliance, governance and document retention policies. With proper planning, significant storage, access and litigation cost savings can be effectively realized.

We help our clients achieve true enterprise-wide visibility and control for the implementation of consistent records management, data retention and document deletion policies.

The purpose of enterprise-wide technology solutions is to:
  • Mitigate risks and reduce costs associated with unstructured records and to protect sensitive business information.
  • Identify and classify records according to business value, compliance, regulation and information governance policies.

  • Implement and automate proactive, continuous records retention and disposition strategies.

  • Maintain proper and effective information governance across the enterprise.

  • Proactively identify targeted ESI through intelligent classification and automatically remediate issues.