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Digital Discovery is a Dallas-based digital forensics firm focused on delivering superior service to our clients, enabling them to make data-informed decisions about identifying and accessing electronically stored information.

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Reduce Risk

All collected data is preserved in a forensically sound manner through established physical and electronic processes and procedures to manage the handling and delivery of forensic evidence, ensuring indisputable court-admissible evidence.

Limit Exposure

Minimize Cost

Our experts collaborate with inside and outside counsel to control the cost, quality, security, and defensibility of identifying and accessing electronically stored information for litigation purposes.

Smarter Datasets

Reducing Risk

Data Consulting

Our strength is helping our clients determine where relevant sources of electronic data may exist, and developing the most cost-efficient approach to capturing that data. 

Discover Digital Truth

Early Case Assesment

Each of our consultants has over 15 years of experience dealing with eDiscovery matters and frequently assists in the development of efficient, cost-effective eDiscovery strategies for our end clients.